Seven Generations Charter School at the 1803 House

Location: 55 South Keystone Avenue, Emmaus PA 18049;
Below: Seven Generations Charter School Programs;

Seven Generations Charter School Program:

Seven Generations 1803 House Education Program...The 1803 House has provided many authentic learning hand-on experiences for students at Seven Generations Charter School.  The students learned about the history of the 1803 House and Jacob Ehrenhardt's contribution of land and leadership for the village of Emmaus. The house served as a model of colonial era architecture and a place to investigate the materials, textiles and tools of the times.  Students learned about weaving and observed an antique loom. They participated in colonial cooking and made their own stew, biscuits and butter over the fire in the fireplace in the 1803 House kitchen.   They participated in candle dipping in a kettle over an open fire and basket weaving. Article written by Alison Saeger PanikFor all published articles Go to Resources;


5th graders Build an Herb Garden:

Building an Herb Garden...In 2013 the Seven Generations Charter School 5th grade students designed and built a raised herb garden. They researched the best location on the 1803 House property and planted herbs from the 1800s. And in 2023 the 5th graders brought the herb garden back to life.!  For all published articles Go to Resources;




The Study of Astronomy:

The 1803 House is not just about history, but Astronomy too...Students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at Seven Generations Charter School are linking history to science, specifically astronomy.  The students have formed an astronomy club with the help of 1803 House education committee member Judy Parker and have researched local astronomy and astronomers from the early 1800s.  They studied the science behind telescopes and built their own telescopes from Galileo scope kits purchased with funding from the American Association of Physics Teachers Bauder Endowment.  The scopes were similar to those used by Galileo in 1609 and into the early 1800s.  The students and parents toured the 1803 House to investigate what types of materials and commonly used objects might have been available to build a telescope in 1803.  They identified several kitchen tools and the tube of the punched tin lantern as being useful for astronomy


Archeological Dig in 2012:

Archeological dig begins at the 1803 House...The Archeological dig was originally started in 2012 by Ryan Loughren, from Seven Generations Charter School. Ryan, took several students to dig south of the kitchen and exposed important walls to a building. So in 2012 the colonial life is being exposed under the footprints of Jacob Ehrenhardt Jr. and his ancestors. Seven Generations Begins Dig at 1803 House. For all published articles Go to Resources

1803 House Education Programs:

The 1803 House offers Educational Programs. A nominal fee is required.  We currently have an educational partnership with nearby Seven Generations Charter School and local school districts.
We have held many educational events at the 1803 House. For more information contact us.

Monetary Contribution:

"The Friends of the 1803 House" needs your financial support.  Please consider giving a contribution, so we can continue to preserve and maintain the 1803 house for the community. 
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