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Location: 55 South Keystone Avenue, Emmaus PA 18049;
Below: Emmaus Paint-a-Hydrant Program; An 1803 Gingerbread House; Introduction of the "1803 House Church Baby"; 

Emmaus Paint-A-Hydrant Program

Emmaus Paint-A-Hydrant Program: In 2019 the Borough of Emmaus, the Emmaus Arts Commission and the Emmaus Fire Department have come together in partnership creating the “Emmaus Paint-A-Hydrant Program.”  Emmaus has more than 400 hydrants all over the borough and 10 fire hydrants were prepared for artist to paint them. The group is hoping the artists will transform the hydrants, many of which need a lot of love, with bright colors and shapes or and images from local history. The 1803 House was honored to find out that one of the artists was including a painting of the 1803 House.  Her name is Lindsay Fujita.  She has been a Moravian her whole life and a Kindergarten teacher for over 10 years.  Lindsay was inspired to paint something to represent the history of the Moravians and showcase the 1803 House as one of their historic sites.  This fire hydrant is perfectly situated for her inspiration as it is located across from the Moravian Church and in front of the home of the future builder of the 1803 House. The 1803 House in honored. East Penn Press Article or Detailed Pictures. For all published articles Go to Resources


"1803 House Church Baby"

Introducing the "1803 House Church Baby"...During the American Revolution War, toys as well as many other household supplies, were scarce.  Mothers made dolls from the fathers handkerchiefs and gave it to their children to play with at any time.  The doll was fist called a "church doll" or "prayer doll" as it was used during hose very long church service and most importantly, if they were dropped, not a sound was heard. At the turn of the century, when the 1803 house was being built, these dolls were probably modified with lace, ribbon and dried flowers as these items were more available after the war.  The dolls made at that time were probably very similar to our "1803 House Church Baby" or our "1803 House Church Baby Angel" Church Baby Article;  For all published articles Go to Resources

The Making of a Gingerbread House

An 1803 Gingerbread House...In 2013 Sadie Kennedy, a 9 year old, along with her mother, Courtney Call Kennedy, PE, created a gingerbread 1803 House for a contest at the Bethlehem Steel Stacks.  The contest was to create an Authentic Reproduction of a Significant Building in the Lehigh Valley. Sadie chose the 1803 House...many hours were put into this beautiful replica of the 1803 House. Making an 1803 Gingerbread House; For all published articles Go to Resources;

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1803 House Education Programs:

The 1803 House offers Educational Programs. We currently have an educational partnership with nearby Seven Generations Charter School and East Penn School District.
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