1803 House Restoration


Location: 55 South Keystone Avenue, Emmaus PA 18049;

Below: Restorati
on Projects of Colonial Windows, Shutters and Doors;

Colonial Windows & Shutters:

Restoration of Windows: There are 16 colonial windows and 30 shutters that are in dire need of repair.  As of Fall 2019, Reed Harris Contractors has repaired, restored and painted 4 windows, not the shutters, on the side of the house.  Only 12 more to go.  Support our fundraising events for the window repair.  Below are before and after pictures.

Colonial Doors:

Restoration of the Cellar Doors: The cellar doors have been in dire need of repair and painting.  The cellar doors were again repaired by Reed Harris Contractors.  Below are before and after pictures of our cellar doors.
Restoration of Front and Back Doors: Over time the front and back kitchen door deteriorated along with the trim. Each were preserved, restored and painted by Reed Harris Contractors. Below are close up pictures of front door [first 2 are after restoration and the 3rd one is before]. See Before and After Pictures.

Flood Damage Appeal


We, the Friends of the 1803 House, have been digging deep into the history of the 1803 House since 1975, constantly studying, interpreting and preserving a primary example of a Pennsylvania settler's fieldstone homestead.  We are thankful the flood on August 4, 2020 did not damage our recently completed archaeological dig.  We now have to "Dig Deep" into the resources of the community asking for funding and "in-kind" efforts to help with the mounting flood bills that are $12,000.  Please consider supporting the 1803 House with a tax-deductible contribution to help with our flood damage costs.  Thank you in advance for your continued support to the 1803 House!  Presidents Appeal Letter;  Flood Pictures;

To donate, click on the "Contribute to Appeal" button and mail it with your tax-deductible donation.


Attend an 1803 House Event:

      Please consider attending our fundraiser events.  In the Spring enjoy some food, wine, music; in Fall enjoy some more food, beer and music; and in winter enjoy an "Old Fashioned Christmas at the 1803 House."
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